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Fitness is for everybody. Xcel Xercise is your Lakeside Lesterpark neighborhood health club. 
Xcel Xercise is for you. 
Affordable, convenient, fitness fun is steps from the Lakewalk.

    Xcel Xercise  &               
Sun City Tanning Open 24/7         

          5324  E. Superior  St., Duluth, MN 55804  
 Phone: 218-525-4808
Staffed Hours:                                              Monday- Thursday  10:00am - 6:00pm                        Saturday  10:00am - 1:00pm                          
 Open 24/7 for members                     
           Join during staffed hours.                       No appointment needed.
Call for holiday hours.
Sun City Tanning, Duluth, MN
Sun beds and standups:
The Sunboard:
Amercias first and only 4 sided high-pressure tanning unit. The  non-claustrophobic and  relaxing lounge style design offers sunbathing in ultimate comfort. A 20 minute maximum tan time.
 A better than the beach experience.

Black Energy XL Beds:
Offering 48 VHR high output reflector sunlamps (3 user controlled high pressure facial lamps) and  Internal air conditioner to cool lounge acrylics. A 12 minute maximum tan time. Dream of visiting the tropics while you tan.

SunDazzler Stand-ups:
Offering 46 high output VHR reflector lamps. An 11 minute maximum tan time.

Tropical Beds;
A bronzing  bed with 41-VLR reflector sunlamps (10 user contolled ultra premium power pure low pressure facial lamps). A 15 minute maximum tan time.

Montego Bay Beds:
Offering 30/100 watt sunlamps. A 20 minute maximum tan time. 
It's always sunny at Sun City Tanning in Duluth, MN. Sun bathing is easy, convenient and affordable. 

12 sun beds and stand-ups.  No waiting. Stop in for more information. 
Walk-ins welcome. No appointment needed. 
For sun lovers 18 years and up

Sun City customers stop in during staffed hours to tan. Single sessions or discount packages are available at everyday low prices. 

Join Xcel Xercise for sun bed and fitness center access 24/7. Fitness center membership is available for persons 18 years and up.

Five different styles of sun units in a clean professional, air conditioned atmosphere.