No long term contracts!
Fitness is for everybody. Xcel Xercise is your Lakeside Lesterpark neighborhood health club. 
Xcel Xercise is for you. 
Affordable, convenient, fitness fun is steps from the Lakewalk.

    Xcel Xercise  &               
Sun City Tanning Open 24/7         

          5324  E. Superior  St., Duluth, MN 55804  
 Phone: 218-525-4808
Staffed Hours:                                              Monday- Thursday  10:00am - 6:00pm                        Saturday  10:00am - 1:00pm                          
 Open 24/7 for members                     
           Join during staffed hours.                       No appointment needed.
Call for holiday hours.
 Join Now! Stop in for details.
Xcel Xercise is a  fitness center open 24 hours for members, offering a clean, friendly atmosphere where you can workout or use a sun bed when you want, 24-7. Locally owned and operated. 

To use Sun City Tanning you don't need to be a fitness member. See the Sun City Tanning page for details. 

Health and Fitness Club Memberships: Everyone 18 years and up will find what they need to meet their fitness goals.

You control of the length of your membership. No long term contract is required. **

Monthly Rates:
Individual Rates  $40.00
 One adult 18 years or older: 
Couple Membership  $60.00

Stop by during staffed hours for membership details. 
**See membership agreement for details.

Try Fit Go Round 
Cardio Kickboxing Circuit: For fitness fun! 
Meet the challenges. Build stamina, coordination, balance, strength, confidence and skill.

Complete Cardio Center and strength equipment circuits and free weight area with the top fitness industry names you know like: Nautilus, Cybex, Precor, the MedX Core. This state of the art fitness equipment will help make workouts more productive and more accessible to people of all fitness levels and ages

Cybex treadmills and arch trainers, Precor ellipticals, dumbells, benches, Cybex cable cross-over, stretching room, exercise balls, and more provide variety and choice to your exercise routine. Have fun! Mix it up!